Snowmageddon in western Washington has passed. Most of the snow is gone and Seattle has returned to normal: wet, overcast, cold. I responded by getting out with my film gear, the first time in months. I even got a sunny day. The barn above is a 20-minute drive from home. The dead-end road was clear but snow hugged the shoulder. I almost got stuck trying to turn around, the wheels of my Civic spinning in the icy crust. I found the yellow train parked on old tracks next to doormant farm land in Stanwood. I used a step ladder in a back alley to get the shot of the old bowling sign in Marysville. The decor inside also is dated. I'm 63. I'm dated too.

Stanwood WA railway, Stanwood WA railroad, Stanwood Wash. railway, Stanwood Wash. railroad, Stanwood WA, Stanwood Wash., Kodak Portra 400, Jeff King Photography, Mamiya 645 Pro
Silvana WA, Silvana Wash., Silvana barn, Stanwood WA, Stanwood Wash., Stanwood barn, red barn, Pioneer Highway, Kodak Ektar 100, Mamiya 645 Pro, Jeff King Photography
Strawberry Lanes in Marysville WA, Marysville Wash., Marysville WA, Strawberry Laneas, bowling alley sign, Kodak Portra 400, vintage bowling alley sign, Mamiya 645 Pro, Jeff King Photography