Farms and the small towns that support them are vanishing. But the icons of rural America – grain silos, mom-and-pop shops and abandoned cars and trucks – can be found scattered across Washington state farm country. The pioneer schoolhouse is located off U.S. Route 2 west of Coulee City. It rests in a corner of a wheat field next to a country road and sign that warns drivers to watch for ice. If you head southeast you'll reach Sprague, a dying farm town. That's where I found a closed antique shop and an open-air museum of old trucks.


Coulee City WA, Coulee City Wash., pioneer schoolhouse near Coulee City, US Route 2, Nikon F5, Jeff King Photography
Truck collection in Sprague WA, Sprague Wash., vintage trucks in Sprague WA, Jeff King Photography, Nikon F5
Sprague WA, Sprague Wash., antique shop in Sprague WA, Jeff King Photography