Volcano, the campy 1997 disaster movie starring Tommy Lee Jones, is a favorite of my wife Alisa. She digs geology. So she felt right at home exploring Yellowstone National Park, which sits atop a volcanic caldera and supervolcano. We had only two days here but got to visit several thermal attractions. It was a landscape of extremes. The ground was steaming hot on a 32-dgree day. We drove through snow flurries. Parts of Lake Yellowstone were still frozen in mid-May. Our favorite hot spots were Mammoth Hot Springs (above), where bison and elk mingle with tourists, and the Mud Volcano, a bubbling, seething spring. The green ooze below is a shallow thermal pool.

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone geyser basin, Jeff King Photography
Paint Pots, Yellowstone National Park, geyser basin, iPhoneography
Yellowstone, geyser basin, Yellowstone National Park, Jeff King Photography
Mud Volcano, Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, geyser basin, Jeff King Photography