The Palouse is pitching a shutout. I can't find a wheat field in eastern Washington to photograph even though I'm surrounded by them. Turns out mid-April is too early to capture the killer colors the Palouse is famous for. Ready to give up, I make one last pass around Steptoe Butte. I come over a hill and slam my brakes. The vista is breathtaking: Cloud showdows race across the sun-soaked wheat fields in waves. I park on the shoulder and grab my film gear. Minutes later a car with California plates pulls up behind me. Guy jumps out with a DSLR and tripod, sets up next to me and fires his wireless remote. Then jumps back in the car and darts away. I've driven this country road several times and never witnessed a light show like this. I may never again.

Palouse wheat field, Palouse wheat farm, Mamiya 645 Pro
Palouse wheat field, Palouse wheat farm, Palouse, Palouse farm, Fuji Velvia 50, Jeff King Photography